Assembling Hand Embroidered Jewelry

So you've stitched up some gorgeous embroidery art.  Now what? Let's turn it into jewelry!

I have been working with the lovely folks over at Nunn Design to come up with a super easy way to make your own hand embroidered jewelry.  I know close to nothing about jewelry design and assembly so I am so grateful for their tutorials and kits! 

Check out this video to see how easy this lovely jewelry is to assemble:

If you want to grab a kit to make a necklace and/or bracelet using my Favorite Flowers embroidery designs you can find them HERE!

These kits include all of the embroidery supplies and hardware you need to make your own hand embroidered floral jewelry. 


The kits also include 12 mini zodiac patterns to stitch! Watch this video to see how I made this sweet ombre Capricorn necklace:


 Easy shopping list:


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  • Hello, I loved your Assembling Hand Embroidered Jewelry video, where do you get the tag? I bought necklace trays that come with a glass or nothing! so it is hard to asseble… using clamps was very useful point! thank you and happy holidays :)


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