General's Set of Four Fabric Pencils

General's Set of Four Fabric Pencils

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This is a perfect collection of fabric pencils for the nervous and skeptical stitcher.  Does it freak you out to use permanent pens on your fabric? Do you hate having to get your embroidery wet to remove water soluble ink?  I get it. 

This pack of four pencils is perfect for you, and perfect for use on light and dark fabrics! ALL of the pencils have ERASERS, and can also be removed with gentle soap and water.  So don't worry about mistakes!  UPDATE: I tested the pencils and did not like the erasers when used on dark fabrics.  However, I discovered that a damp cloth removes the marks very easily.

Included in this four pack:

  • Two Quilter's "wash out" pencils, one yellow and one silver. 
  • Two Chalk pencils, one in white and one silver.  These pencils can be used for regular light tracing or can be used in reverse when working with thicker fabrics.  Trace your reversed design ON PAPER using these chalk pencils, then turn the traced design pencil side down onto your fabric.  Rub the paper to transfer the design.

The silver pencils show up great on lighter fabrics, and the yellow and white pencils are a great solution on your darker fabrics.  

Learn more about transferring your embroidery designs here:


Note:  Always test your pen/pencil/whatever on your fabric before application