Pre-printed Fabric Mini Kits

Pre-printed Fabric Mini Kits

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Do you have a healthy supply of embroidery floss at home? Do you hate the color scheme I included in my kit but love the pattern? Well I can help you! Please find a selection of pre-printed fabric from the drop down menu. Your purchase includes the fabric and the directions (hard copy and/or digital) for the pattern. You will need your own floss, hoop and needles to complete the designs.

NOTE: Some photos include regular kit contents. This listing is just for the pre stamped fabric. You will not receive any other physical supplies. Please visit the kit section of my shop if you are looking for more supplies!

Current Inventory and recommended hoop size:

  • Simple Flowers on kelly green, 6 inch
  • Delicate Roses on white, 6 inch
  • LOVE on green, 6 or 8 inch
  • LOVE on ivory, 6 or 8 inch
  • Satin Rose Wreath on grey, 8 inch
  • Tropical Paradise on green, 9 inch (NOT DOUBLE HOOP COMPATIBLE)
  • Autumn Wreath on khaki, 9 inch (NOT DOUBLE HOOP COMPATIBLE)
  • Holiday Wreath on khaki, 9 inch (NOT DOUBLE HOOP COMPATIBLE) 
  • Spring Wreath on light blue, 9 inch NOT DOUBLE HOOP COMPATIBLE)
  • Woven Rose Border on grey, 6 inch
  • Anemones and Succulents on grey, 5 x 9 inch
  • Nevertheless, She Persisted or We Can Do Hard Things on grey, 6 inch
  • Tropical Plants on salmon, 6 inch
  • JOY on grey, 5 inch
  • Mermaid Dreams on white, 9 inch
  • Giraffe on white, 5 inch
  • Red Panda on off white, 6 inch
  • Hedgehog on white, 6 inch
  • Full color Floral Harvest on taupe, 6 inch 
  • Tropical Plants on khaki, 6 inch
  • Bloom (full color) on white, 6 inch


Have fun,