Once upon a time I was a research associate in a fermentation lab.  But after becoming a mom it became clear that doing that kind of work from home wasn't a great option.  (Although sometimes my toddler son is an unintentional science experiment.)  Once I recovered from the zombie phase of motherhood my hands became restless and I needed something to do for myself during nap time.  I used to paint with oils pre-motherhood but I wanted to find something with less mess, something more portable and easier to set aside mid project.  
Just a few weeks pregnant still working in the lab
     I thought hand embroidery would be a good fit so I bought a kit on Etsy and started watching videos on YouTube.  And here I am over a year later with my own patterns on Etsy and videos!  It has been such a fun experience meeting other embroiderers on Instagram,  plus I've loved getting to know customers when they request a custom piece.  But even without those motivators I would still be taking the time to enjoy the meditative process of hand stitching.  
Smiling and stitching in the studio
     When I'm not busy chasing around my son or stitching up a hoop I am doing yoga.  I have a serious obsession with hot yoga and wish I could attend class daily.  When I am on my mat breathing and concentrating on a pose there is no room in my head for any other thoughts or worries.  I don't have to stress about my son's weird rash or when I'm going to race to the grocery store or where I put the last mortgage statement.  There's no room for anxiety when you are 100% present in the yoga room.  Plus I've never been more strong or flexible in my life! 
Smiling and stretching in the sun
     When I first started my Etsy shop I was stitching yoga-themed designs so "Namaste Embroidery" made perfect sense.  As I opened up my shop to custom requests my skills and designs have evolved.  My shop is filled with embroidered jewelry, thread painted animals, custom quote/anniversary hoops and even patterns.  Regardless of content I think "Namaste" still works despite it's association with yoga - it is simply a gesture of respect.  I respect and honor my customers and hope the feeling is mutual!